The House of Genius in New York redefines the concept of temporary space and reserve an unprecedented Moncler experience for the consumer, rewriting the rules of the single brand which becomes concept store.
Designed with an all-round curatorial approach, The House of Genius in New York is designed as interactive spaces animated by special activities to connect them even more and to establish a close and comprehensive contact with the metropolitan context in which they insert themselves.

Unique creations can only be found here, developed together with the designers of the Moncler Genius project and sometimes implemented with highly significant specialised co-branding. An exclusive line that unveils in even greater depth several approaches of interpretation and precise creative aspects of the figures that have supported Moncler along this totally innovative itinerary.

Moncler Genius is a multi-faceted project that brings together complementary and diverse products that become a story and platform for a creative adventure which takes a real gamble on tomorrow and looks to the future. The House of Genius, which is its direct derivation, crosses the entire global scene to tell a formidable story of evolution, innovation and experimentation.